About - Q Athletics is a 3,600 sq. ft. gym in Ashburn, VA that specializes in small group training for athletes as well as adults. The theory behind small group classes is to maximize attention to clients, while minimizing costs. By capping classes to 8 clients at a time, the trainers at Q Athletics can customize workouts to fit the individual based on goals and limitations each client has.


“The stop watch and the camera do not lie.”


For almost 10 years, head trainer Bobby Quarantillo has been preaching this to parents and athletes in Northern Virginia.


In order to achieve success, an athlete must address their strengths & weaknesses. The use of video film and analysis of an athlete as soon as they begin training is how Q Athletics justifies improvement in the athletes they work with.


Athletes are also timed in several agility, footwork and explosive-based drills that are tested on a monthly basis (ABC ladder, jump rope, pro agility, broad jump, sprints).


No matter what the physical goals an adult client may have, (weight loss, muscle gain, toning) the exercises should all be based around compound movements. Q Athletics is set up to allow multiple clients to workout at the same time, even using the same interval clock, while customizing their weights and reps based on these goals.